With Preteco you can reduce cloud costs in your company

In Preteco we have a team of professionals that dedicates exclusively to reduce cloud costs in all sorts of businesses.

The rising popularity of cloud computing has lead many companies to spend more resources than needed, without them realizing.

And this, on the long term, becomes extremely counterproductive, as those resources could be redistributed in a much more effective and efficient way, generating many benefits.

That is exactly what we do in Preteco: we analyze all of your company´s cloud systems in order too find what´s not working. After that we elaborate reports and provide all the help you need in order to reduce cloud costs in te best possible way.

What you will get from us

  • Personalized and comprehensive service: as we do with all of our implementations and solutions, when we reduce cloud costs for our clients we make sure to cover the process from end to end. Not only do we pick the best practices for ach client, but we also make sure that they learn how to use their new technologies.
  • Constant support: Our team of professionals is compromised to stay close to our clients, making sure that they receive all the help they need. They will also be constantly watching out in case a problem appears.
  • A detailed report of your monthly cloud costs: Once our investigation has concluded, you will get a detailed report where you will find useful information on your company´s monthly cloud usage and costs. With this information, we can reduce cloud costs in a way more efficient way, knowing exactly where to intervene and how.
  • An action plan to reduce cloud costs: Using all the compiled information, our team can design an effective plan that leaves no inactivity periods.
  • The highest data security standards: Our process is focused not only in efficiency but also in security. Data is the most valuable resource a company can possess, so we give it the levels of protection it deserves.

Reduce cloud costs: why you should trust in Preteco

In Preteco we have long years of experience not only developing but also implementing a wide variety of cloud related solutions.

If you want to reduce cloud costs in your company, you should always seek for professional help, and in Preteco we definitely have that.

Along the years, we have managed to effectively reduce the monthly cloud costs in hundreds of companies by quickly detecting weaknesses and consumption deviations.

In addition to that, we have official licenses and certifications for all sorts of cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle.

If you want to start reducing your monthly cloud costs, get in touch with us.