How to reduce cloud costs according to your company’s needs

If you are looking to reduce cloud costs in your company, Preteco has the ideal service for you.

There is no doubt that the cloud has arrived to stay, and that it is the next step in the evolution of companies, regardless of their industry or size.

However, this boom in migration has led many companies to embark on it without being correctly informed first

In the long run, this forces them to look for ways to reduce cloud costs, as their systems suffer from many problems related to incompatibility and bad optimization.

It is precisely for this reason that, at Preteco, we have been providing an integral cloud migration assistance for many years, as well as a cloud cost reduction service in case the company has already migrated but not in the right way.

Why you should choose our service in order to reduce cloud costs in your company

Our service is fully customized, as we are aware that each company needs to be handled in a unique way.

By doing this, we guarantee a successful assistance and an organic adaptation to the new systems.

It would be wrong to offer a default service for all our customers.

Through our comprehensive and customized approach, the solutions will be the ones adapting to the company, not the other way. In this way, we are able to reduce cloud costs in a simple and effective way.

Our audits are also ideal to give your infrastructure an external, professional and impartial glance.

Our team is able to perform in-depth analysis, compile all the data into a detailed report and act accordingly.

In this way, it will be much easier to reduce cloud costs, as we will know which points to attack and how to do it.

However, our plan is not to make our clients depend on us forever, but rather to train and support them, transferring all the knowledge they will need.

The idea would be for them to be able to take control of their own cloud systems, applying best practices and ensuring that they are working correctly.

What are the differences between a cloud and an on-premise environment?

Although in terms of interface and usage both systems seem to have no differences, the truth is that behind the scenes, at the back-end, their operation is radically different.

And these differences, which may seem imperceptible at first glance, must be taken into account when migrating.

Not doing so can lead to all sorts of problems related to hardware or system incompatibility, such as unnecessary tasks running in the background or slowed down processes.

And all this ends up leading to an inevitable need to reduce cloud costs, as these issues have a brutal impact on a company’s expenses.

Contact us to reduce cloud costs within your company

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We are waiting for you! Together we will be able to reduce your costs in the cloud in the most effective way possible.