Cloud optimization: Why is it a constant improvement process?

Especially nowadays, it is extremely important for any company to achieve an effective cloud optimization.

This is because we are currently living in the era of cloud migration: these technologies are undoubtedly the next step in the evolutionary chain of companies, regardless of their industry or size.

However, this boom in the trend of migrating to the cloud has led many companies to embark on a path for which they were not quite ready.

This means that their infrastructures were not able to adapt correctly, resulting in unnecessary processes running in the background and other issues that eventually lead to an excessive resource consumption.

It is precisely to solve this type of situation (and, above all, to prevent them from happening) that in Preteco we offer our cloud optimization service.

What does our cloud optimization service include?

A 100% personalized attention

When it comes to implementing our cloud optimization service, we recognise that every company is unique.

This means that there is no such thing as a universal solution that works in every case. The service must be adapted to the needs and work habits of each company.

And that is exactly what we offer at Preteco: a personalized and complete service that seeks to cover the entire process while adjusting the solutions to the parameters and capabilities of each company.

Transfer knowledge related to cloud optimization

At Preteco we believe that it is extremely important that our customers learn good habits related to cloud optimization, so that they can take control of their systems and are more responsible.

That is why our implementation team will make sure to accompany and train the companies’ staff, transferring all the necessary knowledge so that their ecosystems remain stable and functional for much longer.

Monthly costs and consumption reports

We investigate your company’s infrastructure in depth, in order to provide a complete and integral analysis of its weak points or those that generate excessive costs.

Everything we discover will be compiled in a detailed report, where we will also attach possible solutions and establish a course of action focused on cloud optimization.

Cloud optimization with Preteco

To learn more about our cloud optimization service, we invite you to contact us through our official website.

There you will see that we have the corresponding certifications and licenses to work with cloud service providers such as Google, AWS and IBM.

Therefore, no matter which one you choose to manage your cloud, in Preteco we will be able to offer you the best solutions.

Achieving an effective cloud optimization is possible! Get started today.